Voice Over Talent

I work with Ethnic Voice Talent to bring my high-energy, Aussie accent to your voice projects. Book through ENT.

Talking Cars and Bikes

I tell stories and make videos about cars, motorbikes, and anything else that turns fuel into adrenaline.

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Public Relations

I seek out opportunities to represent my brand or my partners with energetic, engaging appearances on TV, Radio and in-person event appearances.

Racing Bikes

I race bikes, with a lot of help from my friends:
Niagara Race Crafters

Do a Skid!

About me

I am egocentric enough to have a website, and square enough to make sure it includes all the usual stuff websites have.

I have strong opinions, loosely held. After all, sometimes I'm wrong. At least that's what my daughter tells me....

I like cars and motorbikes, but mostly I like driving cars and riding motorbikes.

I also like jokes. Sometimes I write a series of jokes and loosely connect them to a car I was driving recently.


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